Confinement TCM Herbs

Confinement TCM Herbs

30 Days Exquisite Confinement Package

  • $630.00

Country of Origin: Singapore

Our package includes:

  1. 30 days confinement soup packets
  2. 2 packets of Sheng Hua Tang
  3. 30 days confinement tea packets
  4. 30 days confinement herbal bath packets
  5. 2 boxes of Lance Asiabell Roots
  6. 10 days baby herbal baths
  7. 1 instruction booklet

Lance Asiabell Root details:


  1. Increase Lactation
  2. Promote milk-secretion
  3. Resolve Swelling
  4. Remove toxicity
  5. Discharge Pus
  6. Eliminate phlegm

On average 1kg will be needed for a month of usage.

Add in Lance Asiabell Roots in your confinement soup or confinement tea. For maximum effect, do add it into your herbal tea.

20g of Lance Asiabell Roots (5 – 7 pieces) should be used for every serving.

Baby herbal bath details:

Our baby herbal bath helps baby with sensitive skins and jaundice issues.


Herba Hyperici Japonica, Fructus Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Mint Leaf and Lavender.


  1. Add in a sachet and 3 litres of water in a pot. Bring to Boil.
  2.  Transfer the boiled water into a tub and add in another 3 litres of water.
  3. Make sure the water is lukewarm to prevent scalding baby.
  4. After using herbal bath, give baby a shower to rinse off the herbal water.   

Delivery procedure

To ensure freshness of our herbs, we will only prepare your confinement package nearer to your EDD. We will contact you ~5 days before your stated EDD to arrange for the delivery date and time. In event that baby arrives earlier than expected, please contact us IMMEDIATELY upon admitting in the hospital so we can arrange the delivery for you. The number to call is 63363294. Please quote your name and EDD to allow us to locate your invoice.


Do note that all herbs have to be stored in the fridge upon receiving it. Shelf life of the herbs: Chiller compartment - not more than 3 months Freezer compartment - not more than 6 months